The Best Supply of Specialty Automotive Hoses & Fittings

In today’s time, there are a lot of specialised products in the market. Some would offer it twice the original price since it is for emergencies. Others would sell cheaper ones but have poor quality. That is why certified suppliers and distributors provide the best supply of automotive hoses & fittings to the customers.

Automotive Hoses & Fittings

Here are the specialised items that can withstand high pressures at work:

Specialty Automotive Hoses
A fire hose is a high-pressure hose commonly used to extinguish fires. Fire hoses can be attached to a fire engine or a fire hydrant. Industrial fire hoses are rigid and flexible because they will handle high-pressure water. Some of the best quality hoses are as follows:

● Bettaflo Fire Hose
This hose is suitable for industrial firefighting, water discharge, and dewatering. It is durable and resistant to abrasion. Also, it is UV, oil, petrol, and chemical resistant. And since fire stations have massive hose drying structures, Bettaflo Fire Hose does not need to be dried. Instead, you need to wipe it down after every use.

● Bettaflo Canvas Hose
You can choose what jacket you like best with Bettaflo Canvas Hose. The jackets are 100% Polyester jackets, single jackets, and twill weave. The working pressure is estimated to be 17 bar, while the burst pressure is 51.

● Duraline Hose
Duraline is the world’s leading maintenance-free covered fire hose for fire brigades, airports, military bases, shipping, power stations, terminals, and many others. Duraline has become popular because of its outstanding performance, low maintenance, exceptional storage life, best value for money, and customer experience.

● PVC Black Fire Reel Hose
When it comes to Fire Hose Reel, this type has excellent performance characteristics such as anti-flaming, ageing resistance, erosion resistance, and so on. Therefore, it is suitable for markets, hotels, warehouses, and residences.

Specialty Automotive Fittings
When buying hose fittings, selecting a supplier who can differentiate them based on connection type and function is essential. Although fittings have the same structure, each has a specific purpose and kind. At All Hose & Valves, we offer a variety of fittings such as air hose fittings, brass hose fittings, gas fittings, air compressor hoses and fittings, and hydraulic hose fittings, CCR hose and fittings, and more.

Here are the top-quality products that you can choose from:

● SAE Brass Flare Fittings

● Black Steel Fittings

● Buttweld Fittings

● Flanges

● Galvanised Malleable Fittings

● Gal Steel Fittings

● High-Pressure Fittings

● Roll Groove Fittings

● Stainless Steel Fittings

● Black Steel Weld-on Fittings

● Brass & Stainless Steel Plumbing Fittings

● Brass Compression Fittings

● Brass Fittings

● Camlocks

● Claw Couplers

● Marine Stainless Steel Fittings & Valves

● Airline Fittings

● Nylon Hose Fittings

● Poly Hose Fittings

● Push-Fit Fittings

● Screwed Black Steel Fittings

● Screwed Galvanised Fittings

● Water Gun

● Quick Connect Fittings

● Shark Bite Fittings

All Hose & Valves has the best and most specialised products. So feel free to visit our website and buy as many products as possible, whether automotive hoses or fittings.


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