7 Benefits of Buying Lay Flat Hoses

Using rigid pipes in many fluid transfer applications imposes severe constraints. To avoid any complications from happening, you can use lay flat hoses. The ability to adapt to changing topography, the speed of deployment and retrieval, and the compact storage footprint are only a few examples of why these hoses are the best option today. But other than that, what makes it advantageous over the rest of the hoses? And why is it popular among other industries?

Here are the benefits of lay flat houses:

Extremely flexible.
Layflat hoses are PVC which makes them very flexible and kink-resistant, allowing for easy compression when not in use. In addition, the folding form of lay flat hoses makes storing and retrieving as easy and fast as possible.

Reduce time of deployment and retrieval.
Light-duty trailers, flaking boxes, and power-driven reels can quickly deploy and retrieve long continuous lengths. The pipeline’s high flexibility and kink resistance allows it to follow natural ground contours without stressing it and eliminates costly path-cutting work. Reduced labour and equipment costs result from fewer joints and faster connections.

More convenient to store and transport.
Although the lay flat hose is sturdy and durable, its structure makes it light. That is why it is easier to store because it is lighter and smaller. In addition, you can use a regular pick-up truck instead of a flat-bed truck or forklift for transporting the hose.

Low costs of operation.
Effective pumping requires superior hydraulic performance with minimal pressure loss. At maximum operating pressure, it expands up to 10% beyond its uncharged diameter, allowing the push of additional fluid.

It increased service life.
Even in the roughest settings, it can function continuously at high pumping pressures with minimal maintenance. Tough and durable, with high abrasion and cutting resistance for use on various surfaces. Unrivalled weather resilience. No rusting or scaling occurs. It is resistant to heat, fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis, and microbiological attack.

Maintenance is easier.
Compared to rigid pipes, the maintenance and repair of lay flat hose will take a fraction of the time, which means lower personnel and equipment costs and less downtime.

Fit for a variety of applications.
It is suitable for battling fires. When you combine it with a water pump, it can help with flood clean-up. Water contractors frequently prefer it because it is considerably easier to handle than pipe systems.

Indeed, purchasing lay flat hoses is a wise decision. It has many uses and is economical. And if you decide to buy one, All House & Valves offers sustainable and excellent PVC lay flat hoses that are just right for your budget. Visit our website for more great deals!


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